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Great Southern Hall Of Fame

Whilst courses have varied from year to year, we recognise the fastest performances over the distances.

Half Marathon Race Records

Female Izzi Batt-Doyle20211:21:43
Male Paul Mulholland 2021 1:13:22

10K Race Records

Female Belinda Richardson201939:29
MaleCael Mulholland 202134:50

5K Race Records

Female Tessa Ebert202117:59
MaleBrendan McCormack202118:27

Half Marathon Winners

Year Female Time Male Time
2021Izzi Batt-Doyle1:21:43Paul Mulholland1:13:22
2019Aleesha Robertson1:23:04Paul Mulholland1:15:58
2018 Belinda Richardson 1:31:09 Paul Mulholland 1:14:10
2017 Catherine Bounds 1:42:13 Paul Mulholland 1:18:37
2016Sam Schulz 1:54:27 Paul Mulholland 1:20:55

10K Winners

Year Female Time Male Time
2021Lisa Davis43:11Cael Mulholland34:50
2019Belinda Richardson39:29Cael Mulholland38:11
2018 Fern Davis43:10 Cael Mulholland 37:54

5K Winners

Year FemaleTimeMaleTime
2021Tessa Ebert17:59Brendan McCormack18:27

Great Southern Ever-Presents 2016-2021

You can’t join this club – you can only ever leave it!

Andrew Martin – Derryn Soutar – Jenny Fay – Josh Smith – Paul Mulholland – Steve Umney – Tony Kennedy