The start/finish area is located at Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club, Norman Road, Aldinga Beach, SA.

Event Schedule

Sunday 29 November 2020

7:00 amBib Collection Opens for HM Only
8:00 amHalf Marathon Race Start
8:45 amBib Collection Opens for 10K Only
9:45 am10K Race Starts
10:30 amBib Collection Opens for 5K Only
11:150 am5K Race Starts
12:30 pmAll Courses Close

Car Parking

Please follow the instructions of our marshals on race morning who will direct you our event car park on Norman Road, approximately 800m walk to the start-finish area at Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club.  Please do not park on Norman Road itself as this may interfere with the temporary traffic controls and obstruct the run course itself.  There is strictly no parking for runners at the start-finish area or on Silver Sands beach.

Arrange to car-pool if possible to minimize the environmental impact and disruption to the local community and plan to arrive early enough to walk to the race start.


There are toilets in the Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club, public toilets adjacent to the car park and there will also be additional portaloos.  Consider stopping for a loo break on the way to reduce queues at the race start.

Toilets can be found on the run course at Sellicks Boat Ramp, Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club, Snapper Point and Aldinga Boat Ramp.

Bib Collection

All race bibs that are not mailed to runners or collected in advance from The Running Company – Adelaide or South Adelaide will be available to pick up at the race start on Sunday morning.

Race Bibs / Electronic Timing

Electronic transponder timing services will be provided by Event Strategies to ensure accurate and quick publishing of race results. 

  • You will be allocated a race number bib and it has an electronic timing tag on the back linked to you and the race you have entered.
  • Before you start you must notify Timing Officials if any of your entry information needs changing e.g. you are changing race distance.
  • Do not use someone else’s number bib as this will produce false results for everyone.
  • Attach the bib at waist height to the outside front of whatever top you will be wearing. Do not bend or fold the tag or tamper with it.
  • Your time and number will be recorded when you pass a timing point provided your race number bib is visible. Covering it with clothing or your hands as you operate a watch will prevent it recording.
  • Ensure you start at the correct time for our race distance.
  • Race bibs are your keepsake of the Great Southern & do not need to be returned.
  • If you cut the course short (for example by skipping a lap, or taking a shortcut), do not pass through the finish timing point as we may inadvertently think you have won the race. Please notify Timing Officials if this occurs.
  • If you lose your race number bib during the race you must notify Timing Officials as soon as you cross the finish timing point.
  • Please notify Timing Officials if you pull out of your race before finishing

Bag Drop

An area will be allocated in the surf club to keep your bags while you run.  There is no security over this facility so please leave any valuable items locked safely in your car or with your supporters. 


Tide Times

Low tide is expected at 11:30 am on race day so you will have a beautiful, wide beach with hard packed, runable sand for your race.  High tide will be at 5:30 pm.


Car Sharing

We encourage you to car share where possible to minimize the environmental impact and disruption to the local community.


We have had to gain special permission from the Department for Natural Resources to run through the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park.  One of the conditions of use is that all runners must disinfect their shoes in the disinfectant footbaths at the start area to prevent the spread of phytophthora. 



We have a zero-tolerance policy to littering. If you are consuming gels or energy bars on the course, please stuff the wrappers in your pocket or in a bin when you pass one.  Any runner who is seen littering on course will be reported to the race director and disqualified.  You will be running through a beautiful part of the Fleurieu coastline and Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park – let’s keep it that way!


Bio cups

We use compostable cups made from plant-based materials during the event to minimize our impact on the environment.  Runners may also carry their own drink bottle or cup to refill at water stations.

Race Start

Races will start on the beach behind the wooden posts just to the north of the vehicle ramp.  Please position yourself at the start line depending on your expected pace.  Start at the front if you will be running under 4 minutes per kilometre, towards the back of the pack if you will be running over 2.5 hours for the half marathon or somewhere in between.

Official Photography

Look out for our photographers at various points around the course.  Give them a smile and a wave and look like you are enjoying yourself.  All pictures will be posted on Facebook shortly after the race for you to tag, download& share for FREE!

First Aid Procedures

We thank Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club for providing race day first aid cover.  There will be a static first aid station located at the start/finish area and a roving first aid unit out on course.  If you or any fellow runners require assistance, please notify the nearest marshal who will contact our first aiders.

In case of emergency the race director can be contacted on 0415 883 117 during the race.  Please save this number in your phone if you will be carrying it with you.

Personal Care

Course Conditions

Sections of the half marathon and 10K courses will be run on paths that are open to the public and unners do not have automatic right of way. Please keep to the left of shared paths and pass other pedestrians/dog walkers with care.

As some sections of the Great Southern Run Fest courses are off road, participants must be careful of sandy, rocky or slippery surface conditions under foot.


Wearing of headphones is discouraged.  Enjoy the serenity of the course, the birdsong of the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park,the crashing of waves on Silver Sands beach or conversation with your fellow competitors.  If you do choose to wear them, please have your music at a low volume or use just one earpiece so that you can still hear traffic and safety instructions from our course marshals.

Pulling Out

If you are unable to complete the course for any reason, please notify the nearest marshal so that we can account for all starters/finishers and report to the timing van near the end of the finish chute.  DO NOT CROSS OVER THE TIMING MAT.

Family, Friends & Supporters

  • DO NOT cycle, drive, or run beside a competitor on any part of the course. If you do, they may be disqualified.
  • DO encourage and cheer on all competitors – not everyone is lucky enough to have family and friends around, and you can help give runners a real boost.
  • DO make sure you keep yourselves hydrated and well‐nourished – supporting can be exhausting!  Refreshments are available at the Surf Life Saving Club throughout the morning.
  • DO feel free to head out on the course to cheer on your runners at different points.
  • DO look around the stalls at the race expo, but you’re only allowed a massage if you actually run!
  • DO take your kids to the play park, but don’t wear them out if they have the kids race coming up 😊

Race Results

Live race results will be published online as soon as you cross the finish line. 

Provisional results will be published on the afternoon of the race.  Any timing discrepancies should be notified to Event Strategies by email immediately. 


If you want a role to play while you are waiting for your runner to come back we have plenty of jobs directing runners, giving out water, helping at the finish line or giving out medals.  Drop us a line at hello@greatsouthernruns.com – we would love for you to get involved.


As well as a variety of refreshments, our race day expo will have a stalls related to running, health and well-being that we hope will be relevant and many will be offering special deals and discounts to Great Southern runners and walkers.

Recovery Area

When you have crossed the finish line you can rehydrate and refuel on complementary fruit and water. 

There will be post-race massage available to runners – all included within your race entry fee.

Clubs and teams are welcome erect their own marquees in the recovery area.  Email hello@greatsouthernruns.com to book your free spot.

Event Feedback

A link to a brief online survey will be sent to participants after the race.  Please take 5 minutes to let us know what you thought of the Great Southern Half Marathon. We want to know what you enjoyed and any suggestions about what we can do better next time so that we can keep on improving our events for you.

And if you enjoyed the race feel free to sing our praises on your social media, give us a 5 star rating on our Facebook page, and bring all your mates along to run next year!